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Why Old Mammoth Tusks Are Highly Priced Collectibles?

Considering the excavation of mammoth ivory in Canada, Siberia and the Arctic regions, prehistoric mammoth ivory along with fossil ivory is one of the limited resources that connect mankind to the ancient eras. A piece of history preserved by time, best describes mammoth tusk ivory. Sometimes the tusks are unearthed during gold mining while other […]

Know About Mammoth Ivory Doctor’s Lady

An interesting term that is widely interpolated, Doctor’s Lady has a very simple explanation. It was a small mammoth ivory sculpture of a reclining semi-nude or nude lady which the traditional Chinese doctors carried with them. It was used when diagnosing female patients the specific location of the pain or discomfort when then pointed out […]

How Is Mammoth Ivory Jewelry Handcrafted?

Though mammoth ivory is usually associated with raw and carved tusks, there is a huge market for tiny lockets, earrings, necklaces and more crafted from the shards and waste ivory. This not only creative but helps to utilize each piece of limited and rare mammoth ivory. Most of the artists and jewelry makers buy smaller […]

Mammoth Ivory and Feng Shui

From hand crated Chinese dragons and zodiac animals to the 18 Lohans, Three Star Gods and the Foo dogs, Feng Shui symbolism is deeply rooted in the objects that artists carve in mammoth ivory. And Feng Shui is about balance and Chi energy movements, which flow through the body and all over the Universe. Harmony […]

Why Are Mammoth Ivory Products In Vogue?

The demand for ivory never wavered and after the elephant ivory was banned, mammoth ivory came into prominence. Alaska has been the center for harvesting genuine mammoth ivory and carving various ivory artifacts for centuries. Along with mammoth tusks, the place is teeming with walrus and whale teeth and bones, sought after by artists’ and […]

Tips To Consider When Buying Authentic, Antique Ivory Netsuke

Planning on collecting and investing in Japanese netsuke? It is a specialized art and collectors pay top dollars for rare and antique netsuke. Though you might like a netsuke but is it worth the price? How do you determine which is the right one for your collection? We understand that there are various aspects of […]

What are the grades of fossil mammoth ivory?

Sourced from the isolated regions in Serbia and Arctic during the short summer months, fossil ivory hunters face cold icy winds and waters, looking for the uncovered tusks that poke out from the melting permafrost. Over 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, wooly mammoths roamed the earth but perished at the end of the last Ice […]

Learn About Working with Mammoth Ivory

You have seen innumerable delicate figurines of ivory which is sourced from the extinct mammoth tusks, but do you know how the artists carve it? Learn more about working with mammoth ivory. Traditionally, artists only carved the inner core of the tusk but more artists today start with the outer layer of tusk to conserve […]