Legal Mammoth Ivory Carving tusk of the Village Scenery
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Carved Legal Mammoth Ivory Tusk – Village Scenery


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Product Description

Look at this amazing mammoth tusk ivory piece that has been distinctly carved with the theme of village scene.  See the extensively craved tiny people, detailing the daily living of the people. In the middle, the  old men are sitting around a table, in intense discussions while on the right hand side, old men are looking at a scroll, intently. The details on their faces, their beards and even the fall of the robe, detailing of each tress, looping vines and leaves can be seen clearly.

Tiny houses carved into the cliff have been portrayed with intense detail. Small bridge can be seen over which two people are going; one with a scroll in his hand can be seen. The fast flowing waterfall below the bridge has been carved to perfection, showcasing the creativity and skill of the artist.  Other people are engrossed in  everyday work, but carved in detail. You can see the facial features and dress with ease. See the beautiful teakwood base that not just supports the mammoth tusk ivory sculpture but accentuates the beauty of the tusk ivory.  

Mammoth Ivory artifacts – are legal worldwide for import & export.

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Dimensions 21 x 45 x 7.5 cm


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