Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk carvings The Village Scene
mammoth_ivory_P1030896mammoth_ivory_P1030895mammoth_ivory_P1030894mammoth_ivory_P1030893Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk carvings The Village Scenemammoth_ivory_P1030888mammoth_ivory_P1030889mammoth_ivory_P1030890mammoth_ivory_P1030891mammoth_ivory_P1030892

Carved Mammoth Ivory Tusk – Village Scene


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This is an amazingly well-designed and carved typical day in the village, with some traditionally dressed people playing a board game, while others holding a scroll and writing on it. At the very top of the mammoth ivory tusk, beautiful strokes are flying in the sky while the man below them is playing a melodious tune on the flute. It is so life-like that you actually bend down to hear the notes!

Look at the scribes with the parchment scroll, which has an enticing miniature hand-painted nature landscape done with such detail. The edge of the mammoth ivory tusk piece has been expertly used, etched and crafted as a tree, with highlights of the brown discolorations. This complements the complete sculpture, well designed showcasing rustic village living. Notice the lady beneath the tree, the people playing the game, man holding a staff, beneath the tree and so much more.

At the bottom, the artist has hand painted the signature, authenticating the sculpture as genuine mammoth ivory.  The complete mammoth ivory tusk is set on a custom crafted teakwood base, accentuating the chic elegance of the intricate mammoth tusk ivory sculpture.

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Dimensions 31 x 10.5 x 9.5 cm


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