Family at play carved in solid and genuine Mammoth Ivory ivory


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This happy family has been carved with intricate details and presents a pretty picture of a father counting while the child is looking to hide.
The mother dressed in a beautiful hand painted ivory kimono had placed her hands to close the father’s eyes.
Look at the smile on the face of the father even though his eyes have been playfully closed by the woman. The mother is looking at the daughter while the daughter looks ready to run.
Notice the beautiful yet diverse patterns that have been carefully hand painted on the lustrous ivory.

Look at the beautiful folds on the kimono while the floral patterns add charm to the dress. Notice the elaborate hairstyle, set with a variety of wooden pins and combs.
Look at the outstretched hands of the man and the nails, lines on the palm are delineated with precise proportion. 
See the double layers of his sleeve, the checkered pattern on the robe, his slippers and the braided cord around his waist.
Although the platform that they are standing upon is Mammoth Ivory, it has been painted as wooden planks, adding extra texture to the scene.
Notice the wooden cats on the lower platform, holding the upper wooden platform that forms a complete base for the sculpture.

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    Dimensions 11 x 25 x 23 cm


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