Fishermen sitting and drinking Sake sculpted in Mammoth Ivory


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This intricate and detailed Mammoth Ivory sculpture is a genuine piece of Mammoth Ivory ivory that has been painstakingly carved by an eminent sculptor bringing to life the daily life of traditional Oriental fishermen drinking sake after long day in the sea.
Look at the facial expressions, the pose and the details on the robe that the two fishermen are wearing. See the twining fly fishing rod and how the chord twists around the bamboo rod.
The segmented look of the bamboo rod is amazingly crafted. Look at the man holding a fish in his hand; see the scales on the fish that are individually carved.

The feet, toes and the garments have the folds and look absolutely natural. The stump of the pine tree makes a good and sturdy table for the men to sit and relax while drinking. The cups and tea pot looks perfectly carved even though it is tiny. Look at the man on the right. He holds the fishing rod and the attached basket. He looks happy as he holds a cup. Notice the geometric patterns etched on his robe. The complete piece of Mammoth Ivory ivory is a single piece of sculpture and is fitted within a wooden stand. Notice the beautiful carvings on it in the form of waves.  

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