Legal Mammoth Ivory Carvings – Wiseman & Children Holding a Huge Peach

Legal Mammoth Ivory Carvings – Wiseman & Children Holding a Huge Peach

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Product Description

A detailed carving of wise man and children with a giant peach is an amazing sculpture carved from a single piece of mammoth tusk ivory. Look at the intricate details on the robe, the smaller children’s apparel and the beautiful leaves surrounding the giant peach. See the hand painted brown patterns and motifs on the robe, typical Oriental in pattern. The exquisite facial expressions on the face of the old men, smaller children and happy smiles on the faces of the children, make it an interesting sculpture.

See the beautiful carvings; look at the etching of the dresses of the wise men and the boys. One of the small boys is climbing on top of the giant peach and the other one is lower down. Don’t miss seeing the bug sitting on top of the giant peach, with each wing clearly visible and the body crafted in detail. The hand-carved teakwood base is customized for this specific sculpture. The beautiful teakwood stand is perfect to suit the carving.

Mammoth Ivory artifacts – are legal worldwide for import & export.

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Item Size 





13 5.12


10 3.94


9 3.54


Base size

Centimeters Inches
Height 4 1.57
Width 13 5.12
Length 10.5 4.13

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Additional Information

Dimensions 17 x 13 x 10.5 cm


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