Legal Mammoth ivory Carvings Tusk - The Deer
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Legal Mammoth Ivory Tusk carving – Running Deer


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Product Description

This beautiful piece of mammoth ivory tusk has been left raw at one end while the artist has smoothed out the rest and crafted a beautiful deer by sculpting through the ivory. Notice the brown raw edge, which has been polished to bring out the rustic charm of the sculpture. See the detailed running posture of the deer, the tiny yet detailed foliage behind it. Crafted through the piece of tusk, the artist has managed to recreate a 3-dimensional image of the running deer with the right curves. Look at the tiny hoofs, the muscles and the gait as it runs with abandonment to the surroundings.  

The brown exterior of the raw tusk has been left in its original form. Though tusks are completely milky white, mammoths tusks have a brown exterior due to being buried under the permafrost and absorbing the minerals in the soil. Here the discoloration gives the running deer a beautiful contrast, the right background for the sculpture. Set on a delicate, carved teakwood base, custom crafted for the mammoth ivory sculpture, the artist has signed at the bottom of the art piece, validating the sculpture as pure mammoth ivory.

Mammoth Ivory artifacts – are legal worldwide for import & export.

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Dimensions 14 x 20 x 6.5 cm


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