Legal Mammoth Ivory tusk carvings Fisherman Grandfather & His Grandson
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Legal Mammoth Ivory Tusk carvings of Fisherman Grandfather & his Grandson


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The extensively carved piece of mammoth ivory tusk has been sculpted to perfection. Look at the extensive folds, the delicate carving on the robe of the grandfather, who is a fisherman as evident from the fishes hanging by the rope, close to his left hand.
Look at the intense facial expressions on the old man’s face, his beard, brow and yet smiling look, and happy smile of the little boy. The elaborately etched robe has been hand painted in shades of brown to bring out the beauty of the delicate designs on the robe and its border. Notice the play of brown color on the figurine and how it highlights the indentations made by the artist on the ivory.

Look at the traditional Oriental motifs and patterns adorning the figurine. It is amazing how the artist carved the folds and drapes of the robe. The effortless folds are difficult to create in solid ivory and it is a mark of an expert sculptor. Set on custom carved wooden stand, it highlights and complements the beauty of the elegant grandfather and grandson sculpture. Look at the back of the sculpture. The intricate detailing and delineated curves accentuate the beauty of the finely carved figurine. See the hand painted designs of waves and floral patterns while the rough cut of mammoth ivory tusk is clearly visible.

Mammoth Ivory artifacts – are legal worldwide for import & export.

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Dimensions 16 x 12 x 7 cm


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