Mammoth Ivory carving of Laughing Buddha with Chinese lucky coins


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Look at this beautiful and finely carved Ivory figurine of Buddha.
The delicate border on the open robe, the patterns and geometric design is unique.
 The figurine has been carved cleanly with well-defined cuts and curves that lend authenticity to the work of art.
See the protruding belly, the cord that is tied just below it and the tiny yet detailed hand painted designs on the lower part of the robe. See the fall and turn of the fabric, perfectly captured in pure Mammoth Ivory. Notice the well carved symmetric toes and the toe nails. The craftsmanship of the statue is perfect while the figure looks life-like.
 The right hand holds a sack with painted bamboo on it. While with his left hand he holds a branch of the tress that has Lucky coins draped over it. Each of the Chinese lucky coins are well crafted and corded together whole the cord is flung over the tree branch. The translucent criss-cross on the belly is the inherent pattern of genuine Mammoth Ivory and can be easily seen. The complete back of the robe has been delicately painted with a variety of different designs, complimenting the skill of the artist. It is set on a teakwood stand.

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You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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