Mammoth Ivory carving of two old men on a bridge with a small child


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This beautiful sculpture portraying the rustic scene of a village where two old men are standing on a bridge. One of the old man standing at the start of the bridge is standing with a small boy holding an object in his hand. Look at the detailed carving on a single piece of Mammoth Ivory ivory, right from the flowing water under the ramp-like bridge that leads to a small brick house and a tree on the rocky terrain. While on the other side, another small boy is firmly holding a dog by its tail and the dog has its head turned. Look at the flowing water which has been portrayed with all of the tiny waves in curves. The detailing of the wooden planks set closely together to form a bridge is beautiful.

Just above it is a delicately carved tree with a small brick house behind it. Notice the tiny details on the old men, their garments and the animated gesture that has been beautifully captured in ivory forever. The enticing sculpture rests on a sturdy and elegant teakwood base that has been hand carved with great detail. Notice the carved leaves and branches as it entwines and forms a natural support to the beautiful scenic sculpture.

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