Mammoth ivory sculpture- Cows with parrots

Mammoth ivory sculpture- Cows with parrots

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This beautiful tranquil scene of two cows sitting at leisure with parrots over their back gives a sense of peace. See how calmly the two cows sit knowing the presence of parrots on their back. Two of the parrots seem to be pecking at the hides of the calf and the cow. The details on the animals are clear with the parrots wing feathers visible clearly and the delicately crafted faces of the cows. See the nostrils, ears and mouth of the calf, the drooping of the ears and the expressions of having a parrot on his back are amazingly recaptured. The three-dimensional effect of the sculpture is clear as the base is the diameter of the tusk and the artist has carved the complete sculpture within a piece of ivory tusk. The base has beautiful tendrils of the leaves putting the natural cracks to good use. Set upon a teakwood base, custom carved to perfection, the statue is a unique sculpture. The inherent crisscross patterns of mammoth ivory are clearly visible in the images ensuring that it is pure, 100% original and legal ivory for purchase.


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Dimensions 9 x 8 x 6 cm


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