Mammoth ivory Carvings of Dolphins Playing with a ball
Mammoth ivory Carvings of Dolphins Playing with a ballmammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040727mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040728mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040729mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040730mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040731mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040732mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040733mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040734mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040735mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040736mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040737mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040738mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040739mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040740mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040741mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040742mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040743mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040745mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040746mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040747

Mammoth Ivory Carvings – Dolphins Playing with a Ball


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Product Description

This unique carving on a large piece of genuine mammoth ivory shows outstanding caliber and skill of the artist. Look at the tiny fishes as they weave through the frothy waves. See the sleek and shiny dolphins jumping through the waves. Don’t miss seeing the marine plants wavering through the waves, tiny fishes darting in and out of the plants and dolphins meandering through the marine life. The two large dolphins playing with a ball is etched and carved exclusively.

The ends of tusk over which the sculpture has been carved has natural cracking due to the antiquity of the mammoth tusk ivory but has been merged with the scene, as the artists created 3 dimensional sculpture cutting through layers of the ivory tusk. The minutest details have been taken care of and sculpted intricately, look at the scales of the small fishes.

Each of the fishes has symmetrical scales while the aquatic plants have each leaf carved separately. The artist’s attention to detail is perfect. Signed by the artist, it authenticates the complete sculpture as legal mammoth ivory. Notice the perfectly synchronized teakwood stand resonates with the marine theme and adds charm to the exquisite mammoth tusk ivory carving.

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Item Size Including WoodStand






16.5(13 Cm Height of the piece only) 6.5(5.12 In Height of the piece only)


47.5 18.7


6 2.36







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Dimensions 17 x 47.5 x 6 cm


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