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A different theme has been superbly captured by the artist and sculpted by hand in detail. Look at the artistically placed peanuts, with the life-like indentations and marking on the shell. That is intricate and painstaking work, to be able to carve such clear details on mammoth ivory. Notice how the large peanut shell as been crafted from a piece of mammoth ivory, hollowed out yet retains the upper layers of ivory. These have been crafted as crickets and peanuts. The anatomy of the two crickets is completely done to show all details and look extremely life-like. The hollowed out peanut shell has excellent finishing and polish, considering that the complete ivory was removed to create the shell.

The fine discoloration of light brown can be seen as highlights on the pure mammoth ivory which is due to the organic ivory absorbing the soil minerals as it was buried under the Tundra permafrost for over 10,000 years. But that is sign that it is genuine mammoth tusk ivory.
Set on a sturdy teakwood base which continues the design with branches and leaves, an extension for the peanut shell, which is unique and extremely well-crafted.

 You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

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