Mammoth Ivory Figurine – Samurai warrior with bow and arrows


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Look at this beautiful figurine of a Samurai warrior, dressed for combat. See the dagger tucked in the belt, the samurai sword in the scabbard and the arched bow with an arrow aimed into the distance. See the ornate helmet with a plume in the middle and deftly woven square brim. The layered and woven armor is distinctive. The brown shades are due to the hand painting done over glossy ivory etchings to create the perfect look. See the pants as these are tucked right into the bands at the ankle. Notice the patterns on the pants. Dull yet enticing to the eye and it is the artist skill at carving and hand painting which is clearly reflected. High quality mammoth ivory has been painstakingly carved, etched and then hand painted to bring out the details so well. See the folds at the sleeves, pants as the gathers bunch together. Notice the delineated figure, the concentration with which he has pulled the arrow and his posture. A carve dragon serves as a base of the wooden platform, giving stability to the ivory figurine.

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    Dimensions 12 x 22 x 39 cm


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