Mammoth Ivory ivory sculpture of old couple fishing


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Look at this elegant and skillfully crafted sculpture of an old couple fishing patiently and happily.
The smile on the face of the old man is charming and the old woman is holding one fish while looking expectantly at the fish hanging at the end of the fishing rod.
Notice the tiny details and delicate handiwork of the artist.
See how skillfully and neatly the artist has carved the bent old woman and then delicately hand painted minute flowers in varied hues on the dress, Notice the flounces and folds on her dress which is extremely difficult on a medium like solid ivory.

See the daintily carved hands, feet and facial features which have been sculpted to perfection.
See the intricate and fine hand painting done on the old man’s garments.
Notice the beautiful border, motifs and exquisite shading giving the right effects.
The beautiful, traditional hat looks woven and is shaded in dual colors giving it a rustic appeal.
The woven bamboo basket is crafted from a single piece of pure Mammoth Ivory yet has been colored for getting eth right woven pattern. The man’s beard, wrinkles on his neck, face and forehead give him a life-like look.
The figures are set on carved teakwood that is shaped like logs while the complete sculpture has a solid teakwood custom crafted base.

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    Dimensions 11 x 29 x 28 cm


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