Mammoth Ivory Japanese Geisha with a large rose and fan in hand


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Look at this delicate and elegant figurine of a Japanese Geisha dressed in traditional Kimono and holds a large pinkish rose in her left hand and a beautiful fan in her right hand. The fall of the kimono sleeves, the thrust of her leg under the kimono have been captured in genuine Mammoth Ivory with great skill. The fluid lines, curves and clear delineated lines of the figurine along with the chic finish talks about the high level of mastery of the artist in working with a delicate medium of Mammoth Ivory. The fall of the kimono looks life-like and real. Notice the amalgamation of floral patterns and geometric designs on the dress while each of the design is hand painted in different hues of colours providing elegance beyond words.

The coiffure hair, sharp angular facial features and a lingering smile adds charm to the sculpture. See the delicate pink-shaded rose with leaves, the tiny fan in the other hand which still has hand painted details visible. Not to be missed, the beautiful head covering with fan-like folds and shows the coiffure hair with embellishments. The artist has delicately hand painted the hair, rose, patterns on the dress with painstaking details. A carved teakwood stand forms the base of the figurine, adding elegance to the sculpture.

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