Mammoth ivory netsuke of farmer and son

Mammoth ivory netsuke of farmer and son

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Even though netsuke is small, the master artist has the experience and caliber to carve out miniscule details with a steady hand. Look at the details on the growing plat or the handful of plants in the hand of the farmer. Each leaf is individually visible. Notice the axe in his hand, while the tiny fingernails are also visible. It is a unique netsuke with articulate details showcasing the rustic scene so well. The hand-painted robe with the etched patterns is awe-inspiring. Look at the small, bald child holding a basket of harvest. The farmer is looking up as if thanking the benevolent God for a bountiful harvest. His scrunched up eyes, large smile, visible teeth and wrinkles of forehead add a classy touch of life-like image. The inherent criss-cross of mammoth ivory is evident in the base and axe blade.
The signature of the artist is evident on the base along with the two netsuke holes. Notice the shoe patterns on the bottom of the netsuke. Mammoth ivory is legal for sale and shipping all over the world.

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