Mammoth Ivory Tusk carvings- Crocodiles in the River

Mammoth Ivory Tusk carvings- Crocodiles in the River

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Look at this genuine mammoth tusk ivory piece that has been carved beautifully to depict a river scene with crocodiles in the waves. Notice the delicate carving of the waves as they lap the shore, with intertwining waves concealing other crocodiles. See the tiny yet sharp teeth of the crocodiles, the ferocious open mouth and neatly carved detailed paws. Look at the finely chiseled waves, with each tiny curl, perfectly crafted as if waiting to roll back into the river.

Notice how the crocodiles overlap each other as they lie down in the cool waters. The natural beauty of the nature is personified in the delicate mammoth ivory carving. Looking carefully at the different actions and postures of the crocodile are amazing. Notice the thick skin so carefully sculpted, delicate notches on the skin have been etched carefully, ensuring that they are uniform and aesthetically sculpted.

Two crocodiles have caught fishes and can be seen clamped in the strong jaws of the crocodiles. And those tiny fishes are carved to minuet proportions. See the tiny scales, hand-painted black eyes and open mouths of the fishes. The intricate details showcase the expertise and mastery of the artist over the fragile medium of ivory.  Mammoth Ivory artifacts – are legal worldwide for import & export.

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Dimensions 13 x 37 x 11.5 cm


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