Mammoth ivory warriors on foot and horseback


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See the fierce warrior on horseback with a large spear and the determination and energy that the figure radiates. Look at the galloping action of the horse, with flowing mane and tail while cape of the warrior flutters in the air. The traditionally dressed men symbolize the fierce warriors of the Orient that fought valiant battles in the past.

Each action is expertly crafted in fragile ivory, with the patterns and motifs on the cape and robe which is hand-painted in detail. Look at the details on the harness and the stirrups, folds and flow of the garments that the warriors wear. Below the horse and warrior, there are two warriors on foot are holding the flag, and holding a large sword. Crafted out of one single piece of mammoth ivory tusk, the warriors showcase the rich history of Oriental valor. Highlight by hand painted motifs and detailed patterns on the clothes, flag and over the etchings in ivory.

It is set upon an exquisite teakwood base, custom carved for holding and offering stability to the beautiful ivory carving. The warm brown wood adds to the charm of the milky white ivory carving. AT the bottom, the inherent criss-cross of mammoth tusk ivory is visible.

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You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 

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    Dimensions 8 x 16 x 27.5 cm


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