Mammoth tusk ivory- Hunting tigers in the wild

Mammoth tusk ivory- Hunting tigers in the wild

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Product Description

This large piece of legal mammoth ivory is carved by Master Carver and showcases a streak of tigers engaged in serious hunting. Notice the tiger pinning a deer while the other one is already about to eat his prey. Yet another tiger is about to bite into a rabbit at the other end. Notice the rippling muscles; the strong and active profile of each tiger has been superbly captured in solid ivory.  The complete hunt is dynamic and each tiger has been carved in a different position with another animal that is being hunted also carved in different postures. Two tigers have hunted deer while two large tigers are roaring at each other under the large delicately carved tree
The rocks, foliage at the back and grass in the front makes it the perfect jungle background for the hectic hunting activities as depicted. The artist has carved each aspect of the animal and floral in perfect detail. Don’t miss seeing the leaves on the trees or the grass blades carved individually. That talks about the skill and expertise of master ivory carver. Check out the beautiful mammoth tusk ivory in its totality and with a custom designed teakwood base which complements the beauty of ivory.

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Item Size Including WoodStand






16.5(13 Cm Height of the piece only) 6.5(5.12 In Height of the piece only)


47.5 18.7


6 2.36







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Dimensions 17 x 47.5 x 6 cm


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