Mammoth ivory Tusk of The Three Wise Monkeys
Mammoth ivory Tusk of The Three Wise Monkeysmammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040044mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040045mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040046mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040047mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040049mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040050mammoth_ivory_carvings_P1040051

Pure Mammoth Ivory Tusk – Three Wise Monkeys


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Product Description

Perfectly sculpted figurine of the three wise men, the carving has been done on a piece of genuine legal mammoth tusk ivory. Look at the intricate detailing on each of the monkey, including the fur and the tiny details on the body. The rest of the sculpture has been hand carved showing tiny leaves and small trees, in between the three monkeys. Notice the pure milky white of genuine mammoth tusk and the crisscross hatch pattern, inherent to mammoth ivory tusk.

Look at the cleanly cut mammoth tusk base, the delicate curve on solid slab, crafted to form a beautiful base and then the closely sculpted three monkeys in different poses. One of the monkeys has his hand in front of his eyes, signifying not to see veil, the second monkey has put his hands on his ears signifying not to hear anything bad and the third monkey has his hand on his mouth, stopping himself from uttering bad words.  Different leaves can be seen as the artist has carved them delicately in varied patterns. The beautiful and enigmatic sculpture is set on a teakwood base, exemplifying its beauty and grace. Mammoth Ivory artifacts – are legal worldwide for import & export.

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Item Size 





11 4.33


10.5 4.13


8 3.15


Base size

Centimeters Inches
Height 4 1.57
Width 13 5.12
Length 10.5 4.13

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Additional Information

Dimensions 15 x 12.5 x 10 cm


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