Relaxing leopard among grass crafted in Mammoth Ivory


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Look at this small yet beautiful carving of a leopard sitting amidst flowers and tall grass with a ferocious attitude. Notice the scrunched up roaring pose while it has flexed its paws. See the daintily painted black spots on milky white ivory, giving the leopard its natural look. The gloss and finish of the sculpture is amazing and the spots complement the look of the figure. See the tall grass and tiny flowers near the tail that have been carved so carefully as the complete sculpture has been hand carved from a single piece of ivory.

The natural drying of ivory led to the cracks and splits on the tusk and has been used skillfully to make the cliff seem more life-like. The Mammoth Ivorys lay buried under the Tundra permafrost leading to drying up of the natural moisture in the enamel leading to cracks and splits over eons. The raw exterior with the brown crust has been left in the natural form at the back, as the artist carved through the thick tusk, crating a magnificent sculpture in 3 dimensional. The uniformity of the flow of the lines and the beautiful presentation is astounding.

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