Samurai in action carved in pure Mammoth Ivory ivory


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The detailed and realistically carved Samurai has been carved with painstaking attention and showcases the agility and sprightliness of Samurai warriors.
Notice the two scabbards that are pushed into the waistband at his waist. The miniscule motifs and patterns on it are a visual treat.
The delicate hand painted patterns and motifs on the complete figurine’s garments are exquisitely patterned with precision and symmetry maintained all through. Look at the folds in the waistband, the knot in it as it moves through the air with the movement of the Samurai.

See the double layered clothing as the inner border of the tunic peeps through at the neck. Notice the stern expressions of the man as he focuses on the word movements.
The edge of the swords are sharp and notice how firmly the swords are grasped while he has been crafted as if he is about to leap into the air as he brandishes the swords inaction.
Notice the unpainted socks, the cord tied at the ankle and pants within the leg covering. Each minute detail has been considered by the artist and hand crafted with ingenuity.
The artist has signed on the Mammoth Ivory coin placed on the custom wooden stand.

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