Collecting Sculpted Mammoth Ivory Tusk

mammoth_ivory_33297Being a collector and ardent patron of ivory products, it is wonderful to see artists creating amazing sculptures and netsuke out of varied pieces of antique mammoth tusk ivory. It is like holding a real piece of history, blending in the artistic creativity with expertise, creating unique artifacts, to pass on as heirlooms.

Talking about the creativity, here is an amazing sculpture, crafted on a near-complete mammoth tusk, sourced directly from the tundra regions of Arctic. It is rare to come across tusks with such length due to the intense pressure exerted for centuries on the tusks, it leads to breaks and cracks. Additionally, the extreme harsh weather and cold, tends to dry out the moisture in the enamel, leaving it brittle. However, such finds truly become more valuable as it is rare, apart from the limited availability of mammoth ivory.

Looking at this particular carved tusk, the intricate detailing can take your breath away. Hours of painstaking workmanship is clearly visible. The tiny wild animals and floral background depicts the rich natural resources. The raw edges and exterior of the tusk has been left in the natural state, proving the tusk to be genuine, legal mammoth ivory.

The price of the carved tusk depends upon the total length and weight of the ivory apart from the delicate workmanship. As not all artists can do justice to mammoth ivory, only a specialized few artists can work on them. The skill of carving perfect figurines in such miniscule scale adds to the value of the carved tusk.


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