Know more about mammoth ivory tusks

The mammoth ivory is sourced from the skeletal remains of the ancient wooly mammoths. The wooly mammoths perished during the last ice age are dated from 10,000 to 40,000 years ago. The precious tusks that are the only source of legal ivory worldwide grew to a length of 10 feet to 15 feet. But this was the permanent tusks which the mammoths grew after the age of 1 year. Archeologists have excavated baby mammoths with milk tusks which were shed at the age of one year.

Mammoth tusks consist of dentine and Cementum with a thin covering of enamel. The bonelike substance, Cementum supports the tooth while the dentine is found just below the tooth enamel and is the main tissue of the tusk. The length of the tusk is not the key consideration about the age of the mammoths, as they broke during fights and while digging. But all tusks have growth rings as they grow from the tusk base and add dentine over time into the hollow tusk. The dark bands in the growth rings were made during the winters and the lighter bands were added in the summer months. Today the mammoth tusks are a precious commodity and sought after legal ivory world over.

Not only has it fulfilled the demand for elephant ivory but most of the elephant conservationists hope that legal ivory will eventually en the illegal trade in elephant ivory and allow elephants a chance to flourish. While Arctic regions including Russia and Siberia have deposits of mammoth ivory which are being constantly exhausted, which makes mammoth ivory a limited resource today. This is the reason for the high price of complete mammoth ivory tusks.

After the mammoth tusks are excavated and preserved for transportation to mainland China for expert ivory sculptors to carve exquisite art and artifacts. Sculpted complete tusks command the highest prices while smaller carved pieces of mammoth tusks are comparatively affordable.

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