Mammoth Ivory “Mandarin Ducks” Carving (37731)


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Mammoth Ivory “Mandarin Ducks” Carving (37731)

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100% Genuine Mammoth ivory handcrafted “Mandarin Ducks” carving, size: 9-1/4″ x 1-7/8″ (345mm x 47mm). This carving is carved from the mammoth ivory tusk with in top quality. Our artisan used this tusk material to carve this carving. This carving is one-of-a-kind because of the shape of mammoth ivory tusk material. The carving is very detail and wonderful workmanship.

This item is 100% handmade. All materials we used are in good quality. It is a good choice for collectors. The Mandarin ducks are the most popular, well known and widely used traditional feng shui cure for love. Note the word traditional, or classical feng shui, which means that a cure is based on culturally specific images, symbols, and overall historical use. If you grew up in China or Japan, where the Mandarin ducks are widespread – you most probably have heard stories about the love and devotion of Mandarin ducks. They mate for life and are considered loyal and devoted to their chosen partner.

It comes with a delicate wood stand. It is good idea as a gift for yourself and someone special.

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